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Fireproof Aluminum Household Foil for BBQ F205

  • F205
  • 3-300m, Accept Custom
  • 0.009mm*300mm*30m, Accept custom
  • 200-600mm, Accept Custom
  • Within 7 Days
  • Shipped in 20 Days After Payment

Stainless Steel Powder for 3D Printing Additive Manufacturing

The powder won a very good use effect on metal printer made by Renishaw. We believe that the multidimensional metal manufacturing has great potential for development in the future. We have been cooperating with several scientific research institutions and set ...

Metal Powder for Porous Components

Sintered metal filter is made by pressing and sintering metal powder. Its purpose is to generate strong enough material base to ensure mechanical strength of the component and also a porous structure acting as a filter. The advantage of this structure is that ...

Silicon nitride ceramic riser tube for aluminum alloy low pressure die casting

Silicon nitride riser tube is the key part of the low pressure casting machine for casting the aluminum alloy products(especially the products of the automobile and the motorbike ). Silicon nitride Riser tube made by Taisheng have excellent corrosion resistanc...
  • silicon nitride ceramic
  • gray
  • aluminum alloy low pressure die casting

Silicon Nitride Thermocouple Protection Tube

Thermocouple protection tube Silicon nitride thermocouple protection tubes made by Taisheng have been recognized for excellent corrision resistance and low wettabllity of non ferrous metals .It can offer outstanding performance in temperature control for alum...
  • silicon nitride material
  • gray
  • aluminum casting furnace

Silicon nitride degassing shaft and rotor

Silicon nitride degassing rotor and shaft is used for purification of aluminum melting melts .
  • silicon nitride material
  • gray
  • degassing for melting aluminum

Monocrystalline silicon

Single crystal of silicon. A crystal with a substantially complete lattice structure. Different directions have different properties, it's a good semiconducting material. Used: Used in the manufacture of semiconductor devices, solar cells, and the like. ...

Neodymium Oxide (Nd2O3)

Neodymium Oxide is mainly used to make Neodymium metal , Nd-Fe-B magnetic materials , Nd doped Y-Al garnet for laser technology and additives for glasses & ceramics.

Amorphous boron powder

Product Name: Amorphous boron powder, submicron APS Molecular formula: B, CAS No.: 7440-42-8, Specific gravity: 2.35 g/cm3, Melting point: 2,160 ° C, Boiling point: 2,550 ° C (sublimation). Amorphous boron powder is odorless and odorless brown...

Cadmium metal powder

Product name: Cadmium metal powder Melting point: 320.9℃ Boiling point: 765℃ Density: 8.642 grams/centimeters 3 (20 ℃). Descriptions: Cadmium metal powder slowly oxidizes in humid air and loses its metallic luster, which forms a brown oxide layer o...

Carbonyl Iron Powder (CIP)

used in electronic components magnetic powder core, synthetic diamond catalyst, metal injection molding and traditional powder metallurgy, microwave absorption materials, magnetic shock absorber fluid, nutritional iron and other fields.

Nano Platinum powder

Product Name: Nano Platinum powder , Platinum (PT) nano powder Product performance 1. high catalytic ,oxidation resistance ,corrosion,non-toxic,skin beauty 2. against free radicals 3. anti-aging Application 1. The catalyst 2. The electronic material...

Albite powder

Details: K2O: > 0.4 (%) Fe2O3: < 0.04 (%) Na2O: 10.5 (%) Al2O3: 18 (%) SiO2: 68 (%) Density: 3 (g/cm3) Mohs hardness: 5 Melting point: 1200 (°C) Description: Albite powder is a kind of feldspar, triclinic glassy crystal, generally colorless, ...
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