Magnetic lifting

100kg Permanent Magnetic Lifter

1.The magnetic lifter's highest pulling force is 3.5 times greater than rated lifting capability. 2.Light weight, ranging from 10-125kg 3.Safe: No electricity is needed to operate the magnetic lifter, once operated there is less than 1% residual magnetism.

Magnetic plate lifter

Strong Permanent Lifting Magnet Magnetic Material: Rare earth Magnet Rated Lifting Capacity(kgs): 100~6000 Max lifting capacity(kgs): 300~18000 Dimension Length (mm): 92~713 Weight (kgs): 3~398 Compact design Ideal for round and flat material High lift...

Permanent Magnetic Lifte

BKMAG supply 7 standard models available from PML-100 to PML-6000 and we also produce this product per custom-made!
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