Magnetic Assemblies

Telescopic magnetic pick-up tool

Lifting capacity: 1.0lbs Extends from 11” to 17” Telescopic magnetic pick up tool with rotating head Super strong magnet for maximum strength lifts up to 1lbs Head rotates to get into hard to reach areas

Pen style magnetic pick-up tool

Lifting capacity: 3lbs Extends from 11” to 17” Very easy to carry around with you, ideal for the retrieval of nuts, screws, keys and metal objects lost in remote place.

Magnetic welding holder

Dimension: 3inch pull strength 25lbs 4inch pull strength 50lbs 5inch pull strength 75lbs Ideal for holding ferrous metal. Heavy duty for industrial applications. Welding magnet can be supplied at angle of , 45°, 90°,135°

Powerful handle magnet

Handle magnet lifts up from 25lbs to 220lbs Powerful Handle magnets for holding screws, nuts, bolts,and metalobjects.

Magnetic Filter

These handy magnetic Filter make clean up a snap! Pick up debris, small ferrous parts, metal shavings, chips, or just anything magnetic - a real time saver for workshop and machines cleaning.

Magnetic Ball Joints

A holding device used for cameras, light fixtures, optical devices, and other applications.
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