Meat Processing Machinery

Vacuum Sausage Stuffer& Filler

Vacuum Sausage Stuffer& Filler ZKG3000,3500,4500,7500,9000

Smoking House

Smoking House ZXL 250,500,500(dual channels),1000

Vacuum Meat Tumbler

Vacuum Meat Tumbler GR 250,500,1000,1600,2000,3000

vacuum sausage filler

·The filling process performed under vacuum state.Avoid fat oxidation and proteolysis,reduce bacteria survival amount.This guaranteed a longer shelf life,brighter color and the pure taste of the products. ·Be equipped with automatic casing knot tying device...
  • Other
  • 380V
  • Yes
  • 7
  • 1000*1210*1840mm
  • 691kg

Frozen Meat Flaker

·The whole machine adopted SUS304 Stainless Steel. ·One piece of 2,5-25kg,frozen meat of -4℃ to -18℃ can be directly cut into slices.It is pre-procedure of cutting and mixing machine and meat grinder process. ·Avoid pollution and nurturance lost at slow...
  • Meat Slicer
  • 380V
  • Yes
  • 2400*1050*1100mm
  • 1000kg/h
  • 5.5kw

Meat Grinder

·Raw material like frozen meat,fresh meat minced into small granules. ·Adopted good stainless steel in compliance with HACCP standard,easy to be cleaned up. ·Bigger leading part,bigger intake hole and higher productivity. ·Little meat temperature change...
  • Meat Grinder
  • 380V
  • Yes
  • 960*550*1080mm
  • 5.5kw
  • 1.5t/h

Bowl Cutter

·Adopt good quality stainless steel.Knives are made of imported material. ·Or imported knives can be another option.Maximum speed 4500 rpm; ·Main shaft bearing use large size of import bearing;Bearing seal adopt 4 modes,avoid bearing failure; ·Bowl adop...
  • Bowl Cutter
  • 380V
  • Yes
  • 1800*1500*1400
  • 60kg/t
  • 13.17kw

Saline Injector

·European technology.The whole machine include the saline pump all adopt SUS304 stainless steel that is compliance with HACCP standard. ·May inject different kinds of meat with bones or without bones,injection pressure 0-10kg that range is adjustable.Inject...
  • Saline Injection Machine
  • 380V
  • Yes
  • 1700*1200*2030
  • 10kw
  • 88


·The whole machine adopts SUS304 that is compliance with HACCP standard. ·Optional Computerized Auto Control.99 recipes can be stored.Temperature display. ·Double shaft fan-shape propeller.Good mixing and agitating effect. ·Positive and inversive rotati...
  • Mix Filling Machines
  • 380V
  • Yes
  • 1500*800*1300mm
  • 4.4kw
  • 300L
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