Production Line

Tube Making Production Line

1) Processing range: Round pipe Φ20-Φ76mm. Square&Rectangular pipe 20x20—60x60 2) Thickness of Round pipe: 0.6-3.0mm Thickness of Square&Rectangular pipe: 0.6-2.5mm

Carbon Steel Pipe Welding Machine

(1) Processing range: Round pipe Φ32-Φ89mm. Square&Rectangular pipe 20x20—70x70 (2) Thickness of Round pipe: 0.7-4.0mm Thickness of Square&Rectangular pipe: 0.7-3.5mm

Square Pipe Forming Machinery

Hot rolled or cold rolled steel strip Material: Low carbon steel and low alloy constructional steel δs≤345Mpa δb≤610Mpa

Full Servo Sanitary Napkin Machine

China Full Servo Sanitary Napkin Machine Manufacturer: full servo control system, auto checking, equipped with a sound quality inspection system.

High Speed Baby Diaper Machine

China High Speed Baby Diaper Machine Manufacturer: high-speed teeth-like crusher, SAP auto adding with amount control, web-wheel molding.

Panty Liner Production Line

China Panty Liner Production Line Manufacturer: automatic phase checking and adjusting at machine start-up, fast speed and high efficiency.

TSP machinery water bottle industry production plant for sale

For most beginner who has idea invest the water business, due to the limited budget and pursue a high reward, we carefully make competitive budget and most needed production plant as following: Bottle blower→Air conveyor →Washing, filling & capping three-...
  • silver
  • 2000-20000 bph

Automatic High Precision Steel Coil Slitting Line Machine Fast Speed 3x1500mm

Slitting Line , called slitting machine or longitudinal cutting line, is used to uncoiling, slitting, recoiling the steel rolls into a number of narrow strips by passing the strip between circular cutters or blades. It can be applied to process the cold or hot...
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