Power Cable

XLPE insulation low-smoke halogen-free polyolefin flame retardant power cable

Low-smoke Halogen-free flame retardant Wire and Cable can produce little smoke and innocuous gas without halogen when combustion.
  • XLPE
  • Low Voltage
  • Construction
  • Copper
  • PE

8.7/15KV XLPE Insulation STA armoured Power Cable

It is used in power plant or power station ,it can be direct buried or in ground, it can bear external mechanical forces.
  • Heng Fei
  • YJ(L)V22 V(L)V22
  • Insulated, High voltage
  • Power Station
  • Copper or Aluminum
  • Stranded

XLPE Insulated Medium Voltage PVC Sheath Power Cable

Rated Voltage 3.6/6kV Cross-linked Polyethylene (XLPE) Insulated Power Cable for laying indoor, in tunnels or direct burying in earth able to bear external mechanical forces.
  • Hengfei
  • ZRC-YJV-3.6/6kV
  • Insulated
  • Power Transmission
  • Copper or Alminum
  • Stranded or Solid

450/ 750V PVC Insulated Armoured Control cable

It is used as an interconnecting cable in signal and control equipment – for measuring, control or regulation.
  • Hengfei
  • KVV22,KYJV22
  • Insulated
  • Control Wiring
  • Copper
  • Stranded

Factory Supply Copper PVC Insulated Flexible Wire Bvr Cable

  • Household Using
  • DC & AC
  • Construction,Overhead,Underground,Industrial,Power Station,Telecommunication,Computer,Car,Household Using
  • Global
  • PVC
  • Copper

Power Cords White Color

  • Flat Wire
  • PVC
  • UL, ROHS
  • DC & AC
  • Construction,Overhead,Underground,Industrial,Power Station,Telecommunication
  • Tinned Wire
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