Plastic Strap & Tape

PVC Insulating Tape

PVC insulation tape is made of soft pvc film as backing material, coated with rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive which allows it to be streched for easier application.

Black PVC Electrical Tape

Black pvc electrical tape is based on a 0.12mm soft PVC film, coated with an aggressive rubber-resin adhesive with flame retardancy and good aging characteristics.

PVC Electrical Insulation Tape

PVC electrical insulation Tape: composed of soft film and rubber based psa is characterized by excellent insulation,good flame retardant,resistance to voltage and low temperature, it is used for insulation protection of electrical wires and harness tape in aut...

Jumbo Roll PVC Tape

jumbo roll pvc tape is made from polyvinyl chloride (pvc) as the backing materials which could resist high voltage and high temperature. Good insulation, non-flame or flame retardant type to meet your different needs.

PVC Tape Log Roll

PVC tape log roll is composed of PVC film and rubber adhesive, which is widely used for insulating wrapping of electric wires and cables. Pvc tape log roll can be used indoors and outdoors. It is characterized by good flexibility, anti-abrasion, moistureproof ...

PVC Pipe Wrapping Tape

PVC Pipe Wrapping Tape is made from qualified PVC film and rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive, weather resistance, corrosion resistant, used for corrosion protection of ground and underground pipes like air duct, water pipe and oil pipeline.

PVC Warning Tape

PVC lane marking tape: consists of a stabilized, plasticized pvc film coated with a natural rubber based adhesive. Excellent flexibility, anti abrasion, anti corrosion and resistant to acids, alkalis and oils.

PVC Air Conditioning Tape

PVC air conditioning tape is made from PVC material without glue. They can be widely used in various kinds of household air-conditioners connecting tube and central air-conditioning units. Characterized by good tensile strength,elongation, weather resistance,...

Rubber Tape

Self Amalgamating tape 3M is one of the best tapes that we strongly recommend to our customers. Compared with the traditional tapes, self amalgamating tape 3M has significant advantages such as: fracture resistance, excellent high temperature plastic deformati...

Fiber Insulating Tape

Fiber insulating tape is high quality rubber cotton fabric adhesive tape with strong anti-aging ability

Carbon Fiber With Graphite Braid Glanded Packing Set

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